Arctic Wolf® Managed Risk

Arctic Wolf® Managed Risk takes vulnerability management to the next level by continuously scanning your networks, endpoints, and cloud environments to quantify digital risks. Organizations everywhere struggle with the complexity of identifying and managing security risks within their environment. Often, even fundamental information like what assets exist, which systems have vulnerabilities, and which systems are not configured properly is too hard to get. And when this information is available it usually overwhelms the security team because existing tools generate too many alerts and lack context. As they struggle with what to do next and how to prioritize, these risks pile up and leave the organization vulnerable to threats and damaging data breaches.

With Arctic Wolf, your security operations expert from the Concierge Security® Team works directly with you to discover risks beyond simple vulnerabilities, benchmark the current state of your environment, and implement risk management processes that harden your security posture over time.


24×7 Risk Monitoring

Around the clock monitoring for vulnerabilities, system misconfigurations, and account takeover exposure across your endpoints, networks, and cloud environments.


Risk Prioritization

Security observations are enriched with digital risk information to add greater context, quantify your exposure, and prioritize actions.


Dynamic Asset Discovery

We automatically and continuously map, profile, and classify assets on your network to help you understand your attack surface.


Configuration Benchmarking

Reveal configuration errors and drift over time that are invisible to most vulnerability assessment and management tools.


Risk Scoring

Presents a quantified view of digital risks that exist in your environment weighted based on severity, and benchmarked against industry peers to track the progress of your remediation efforts.

Actionable Reporting

Automated and exportable risk score trends, action lists, executive summary, and risk assessment reports summarize risk exposure in consumable, shareable formats to help you prioritize actions that harden your environment.


Guided Remediation

Your named security operations expert provides you with personalized risk remediation and validation that the vulnerability has been successfully remediated, while also verifying it hasn’t returned.

On-Demand Reporting

Your CST can create ad-hoc reports with rich charts and dashboards for meeting compliance needs or providing on-demand executive reporting to elevate visibility and close gaps.

Strategic Recommendations

Your named security operations expert becomes your trusted security advisor, working with you to make recommendations that harden your security posture over time.