SPEEDSTAR ® Computers, a registered Trademark of BETA COMPUTERS LIMITED, have been assembled in Nigeria since 1996. They are currently assembled in the first Nigerian state-of-the-art semi-automatic conveyor driven factory officially commissioned in 2007 by the then Director General of the Nigerian Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA).

SPEEDSTAR Computers are put through Stringent Quality tests that ensure the user gets the very best in Performance, Stability and Compatibility. They are rigorously tested and burned-in for at least 48 hours to ensure that the PC you get is of the highest quality, performance and reliability. They provide excellent scalability offering practical functionality for enterprise computing with latest technology features.

The Federal Government of Nigeria, writing through the office of the Secretary to the Government, issued a circular dated 6th of January, 2004, to the Auditor General, Directors General, Chief Executives of Parastatals, Agencies and Government–Owned companies to the effect that Beta Computers locally Assembled Computers (SPEEDSTAR) has been certified to be of acceptable quality Standards and should be patronized by all Federal Government Establishments.

This position was also reinforced in 2012 by the Secretary to the Federal Government of Nigeria in a Circular to all heads of Ministries, Government Departments and Agencies (MDA’s) on 17th July 2012 on “Guidelines For the Purchase to Locally Assembled Computers” that has been made mandatory for all MDA’s.

Beta Computers Limited is accredited by the Federal Ministry of Finance as a bona fide assembler of computers in Nigeria and a member of the Manufacturer’s Association of Nigeria. We are in the process of obtaining the Standard Organisation of Nigeria (SON) Mandatory Manufacture’s Conformity Assessment Programme (MANCAP) and the ISO 9000 certifications.


  • With SPEEDSTAR, you are assured of a tested, robust and reliable set of computers that provide high quality, reliable computing equipment with at least 98% uptime
  • SPEEDSTAR COMPUTERS can be built to your exact requirements, meeting your specifications and customization needs Absolute flexibility to meet your requirements is thus guaranteed.
  • All High end SPEEDSTAR COMPUTERS come with a Bios based Unique Serial number and on board Trusted Platform Module (TPM) chip for disk encryption and enhanced security of sensitive data
  • The heart of every computer is the motherboard and SPEEDSTARs are built with the No1 motherboard manufacturer in the world, ASUS, (asus.com), used also by world leading International PC brands.
  • All SPEEDSTAR COMPUTERS have INTEL “BOXED” PROCESSORS inside that include the exact compatible Power Supply Unit that ensure stable processor power supply and operation of the computer. Beta Computers is a Certified INTEL Premier Solution Provider.
  • Beta Computers is a Microsoft direct OEM partner in Nigeria, holding a Clean Dealers Certificate and certified to pre install MS operating system software in SPEEDSTAR COMPUTERS. You thus get original MS licenses with access to all updates and patches to fix any bugs.

  • All the components used for the assembly of SPEEDSTAR COMPUTERS are of top quality from leading industry sources like ASUS for motherboards, INTEL for Processors, Seagate and Western Digital for Hard Drives, Kingston for Memory and Microsoft for Operating System and application software.
  • All the main component parts of SPEEDSTAR COMPUTERS are FULLY BRANDED including the monitor, casing, keyboard, mouse, speakers and packages (cartons). So what you get is a fully branded, serially tracked and beautifully packaged locally assembled PC that looks every inch like or better than international brands
  • We hold one of INTEL’s highest System Integrator partnerships (INTEL TECHNOLOGY PROVIDER GOLD PARTNER) with access to all their resources available to other major International OEMs like HP
  • We don’t back out after sales! You are guaranteed a comprehensive warranty of at least 1 year for parts and Labour and for CPU and Monitor. With BETA and SPEEDSTAR, after Sales support and back up service is faster and total as we are in control of the entire logistics chain with no need to wait endlessly for parts to be imported from home countries to fix any unavoidable breakdown.

  • BETA COMPUTERS, the OEM for SPEEDSTAR COMPUTERS is a well-known, reliable and trusted Information Technology (IT) Company in Nigeria for the past 27 years. BETA has the experience and technical competence required to deliver and support world standard Computers that you will be completely satisfied with.

SPEEDSTAR COMPUTERS are proudly Nigerian made that should be patronized and supported to grow into an international brand, exported and widely accepted in other countries.