As businesses everywhere move further into the cloud, they face new security challenges. Legacy security tools, such as firewalls, advanced endpoint protection, or SIEM appliances, cannot defend cloud workloads, and cloud vendors do not take responsibility for many key security areas. Businesses struggle to staff their teams with cybersecurity cloud experts. And the threat to cloud platforms is rising.

Built on the industry’s only cloud-native platform to deliver security operations as a concierge service, Arctic Wolf® Managed Cloud Monitoring enables you to detect cloud vulnerabilities and attacks as they occur, across multiple cloud platforms. Your security operations expert from the Concierge Security® Team (CST) works directly with you, bringing their cloud security expertise to bear to guide implementation, risk surface identification, and ongoing cloud monitoring, enhancing your cloud strategy security posture.


Infrastructure Identification

Secure data and applications across major Infrastructure as a Service platforms to identify risks such as unsecured AWS S3 buckets.

Broad Integration

Connects to major IaaS and SaaS services, providing a single, and extensive, security view across cloud resources.


Shadow IT Awareness

Detect unauthorized cloud usage to prevent service misuse or data loss.


SaaS Monitoring

Monitor SaaS solutions to detect key threats or risks such as phished credentials, impossible travel, or malicious integrations.


Immediate Protection

Service launches with preconfigured detection logic, allowing monitoring to immediately detect the highest-priority attacks.

Customized Rules

With rules tailored to your business environment, see things that others miss while also preventing alert fatigue.


Cloud Expertise

Cybersecurity experts provide extensive knowledge of cloud platforms, cloud security best practices and frameworks, and business cloud security needs.


Our solution deploys through a white-glove engagement minimizing confusion and complexity while ensuring immediate protection.

Management ​

Our cloud security solution is maintained, tuned, and configured by our Concierge Security® Team to collect the right data and provide the right alerts without extra work from your IT teams.