Using the cloud-native Arctic Wolf® Platform,

we help companies end risk of social engineering attacks and human error by providing security awareness training as a fully-managed concierge service. Arctic Wolf® Managed  Security Awareness prepares employees to recognize and neutralize social engineering attacks through micro learning content, automated phishing tests, and awareness  coaching. Microlearning ensures that employees are regularly informed about the latest threats and how to stop them at the point of attack. Awareness coaching provides expertise and guidance to security teams looking to mature their awareness program, sustain new, long-term employee behaviour, and foster a culture of security within their organization. Highly-trained Concierge Security® experts work as an extension of internal teams to strengthen the security posture of organizations through a prepared and alert workforce.



Brief, purpose-driven, frictionless content designed for optimal learning and behavioral adoption.


Points, leaderboards, and badge rewards reinforce positive participation.

Current Threat Vectors

Relevant content informed by real-world threat intel and industry trends.


Employee Performance

Identify employee risk with quizzes, automated phishing tests, and report cards.

Program Effectiveness

Track and measure your Culture Score based on employee behaviors.

Account Takeovers

Real-time notifications when employee credentials become available or compromised on the dark web.


Employee Confidence

Positive reinforcement and guidance to develop security awareness champions.

Security Culture

Peer-to-peer coaching with your CST to advance your awareness program.

Cyber Resilience

Reduce the risk of social engineering attacks with prepared and alert employees.