• BETA COMPUTERS Limited, incorporated in Nigeria in February, 1989, is an Information Technology Solutions Company, providing IT solutions and services to a wide range of customers from small and medium to large multinational enterprises.It is the policy of BETA to achieve sustained and profitable growth through the provision of high quality IT products and services which consistently meet the needs and exceed the expectations of our customers. We don’t back out after any sale or project. We are committed to superior Continuing Support, Quality and Excellence (CSQE) in our service delivery.

Towards delivering on this commitment:

  • Our business is organized, planned and executed on the basis of reliable business processes and, best practices to ensure our customers are satisfied always.
  • Ensure that all categories of our products/service conform to the quality (ISO 9001:2015) requirements specified by local regulatory and international best-practice standards.
  • Continually improving our products, services and the effectiveness of our organizations Quality Management System through periodic review of this policy and corporate objectives, for adequacy and relevance.

The MD is responsible for the overall corporate performance of Beta Computers Limited’s QMS Policy and has delegated responsibility and authority for implementation, management, communication and continual improvement to the Managers at relevant functions.

This policy is communicated to employees through notices, inductions, trainings, etc., by the Managing Director (or delegated executive), who acts as the Quality Director and ensures the availability of all resources required to meet the QMS objectives and comply with all relevant statutory and safety requirements.

As appropriate, all our stakeholders, including visitors to our premises are expected to acknowledge and comply with BETA’s relevant QMS procedures and processes.

This quality policy will be reviewed annually, revised as appropriate and made available to employees and the public upon request.



Authorized Signatory:


Position: Managing Director

Issue Date:  December 26, 2018