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FMCT Minister Visit Speedstar Assembly Plant

Speedstar Assembly Plant

FMCT Minister Johnson visited the Speedstar Assembly plant for Computers brand manufacturing of Beta Computers Limited.

There are strong indications that the market for locally manufactured personal computers in the country will soon increase by a significant margin. The minister of communications and technology, Omobola Johnson unfolded plans by the federal government. The plan is to partner with Nigeria-based indigenous PC manufacturers. Those plans including Beta Computers Limited, on a Students PC ownership scheme.

Johnson gave this indication when she visited the Speedstar Computers brand manufacturing plant of Beta Computers Limited. She disclosed that the scheme was a public-private arrangement. She expects it to equip Nigerian students in tertiary institutions. For the first phase, with notebook computers. Also with relevant content and broadband connectivity. We need to face the challenges of bridging the digital divide and the emerging world knowledge economy.

The minister was excited by the motorized conveyor driven assembly plant of Beta Computers. The scheme, when fully implemented would create thousands of jobs. It would be a great help for a lot of Nigerians. They involvment would be not only the computer manufactoring, but also the distribution, sales and support of the deployed computers.

Earlier in his response, the managing director of Beta Computers, Will Anyaegbunam was full of praise for the minister for conceiving the laudable scheme and the methodological way and the thoughtfulness that is very evident in her approach to its implementation. He assured her that “We are ready to partner with the government on this scheme. We have the capacity to do that with our high quality Speedstar range of computers”.

To learn more about the Speedstar Assembly plant and the Beta Computers and our accomplishments and portfolio check out the About us page.

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